New Year Prophecy

2020 Prophecy


What America will see in the year 2020- This is the year of new faith, faith to be restored back to my will. My children lost the faith and they lost the way to get to my true faith and miracles in the process. There will be a major shift in this nation. This shift will look like something that you've seen before, but you will see the major change by September as you work through the calendar months. Keep in the forefront the words I am speaking to you, and your life will never be the same after 2020. In 2020, the year of blessings that has been delayed and will be released, you must declare the impossible in 2020 and watch me perform my miracles. The ministry of this nation will greatly change, it will not just come through Psalms, but it will come through a word of a fresh wind of wisdom. As I bring back this nation from under the leadership of hell, I will put in a government that can be led and is solid. There will be ripples, my nation, just go through it. The leadership had to be reconstructed in order to lead my nation back to me. I am not sending a rebellious man back in office, but I am sending one that can lead this nation out of Egypt and bring you back to me. Some of you will not agree with my choice. However, I have searched the heart of this leadership and he is ready. My leadership in my churches will come to true repentance this year, and those who don't will be sat down. This year, I do not care about your titles or your status. My people need healing and I am sending a fresh, strong, and bold leadership to my nation. I have given grace and it is time for a change. I will pour out my Holy Spirit in 2020 like never before. Those who have an ear, let them hear. There will be some who pass the torch on their own, and others I will remove. Just watch. There will be some that will bring the word here or there, but it must contain a fresh oil of Joshua anointing moving forward. The ministries that have been on the backside of the desert will be the chosen ones to bring back the lost sheep. They will go beyond the borders in prayer with the strength of the almighty to get the ones that men have thrown away. Those who have my heart will begin to come forward. My anger is beginning to lift for this nation. I hear the cry of my people. However, I need to see the cry of deliverance and change. The youth of this nation must come from behind what they have seen and do my true will. There will be three catastrophes this year, but I will pull my people out and I will show myself strong in each and every one of them. My people will question their faith, but I am in everything. My children that I have chosen will be secured and covered as long as they let me lead them this year. It will not be an easy year, but a year of joy, deliverance, and breakthroughs for my chosen people. But you must stay in the position that I have put you in, not man. I am sending back my unfailing love to my beloved nation. China will see an uproar, but it will settle down by the end of the year (Psalm 121:1-3)